Pharmacy Tech Salary

What is the average salary of a pharmacy technician in the United States? The salary of a pharmacy technician can vary according to how much experience one has, what company they work for, the location you work at and any benefits an individual may acquire. Another factor to consider when looking at the average salary starting salary for a pharmacy tech is if the individual has his/her pharmacy technician certification. This certification can affect the salary an individual may have. The average annual salary for a pharmacy technician is $31,800. (average calculated from Money, Indeed and Salary)

Pharmacy Tech Salary – State

What is the average pharmacy tech pay for your state? Certain States offer higher or lower rates of pay. States like California, Nevada, Arizona and even Alaska have some of the highest salaries for a pharmacy tech, some in the $40,000′s. These state’s are in high demand for pharmacy technicians, but be assured there is plenty of opportunity. Unfortunately, other states such as Ohio, Oklahoma, Arkansas and Alabama, are the complete opposite as the states listed above with some of the lowest salaries near the $22,000′s. These states have a overwhelming amount of pharmacy technicians, as well as not having the large populations to offset the need for extra personnel. States somewhat in the middle pay range of $31,000, such as Florida, New York, Texas and Michigan have large populations and plenty of pharmacy technicians but are still constantly expanding and hiring frequently. Of course experience goes a long way in earning more money. Fresh out of school or just receiving your pharmacy technician certificate you can expect to be on the lower end of your states average salary range. With more experience comes more money.


pharmacy tech salary


Pharmacy Tech Salary – By Company

Now, there are other factors to look at when determining your future salary. Companies pay their pharmacy technicians different amounts. Granted the pay will be close if you are working in the same location but certain company’s just pay more. CVS, Walgreen’s, Rite Aid and other large drug stores pay near the top for their pharmacy techs. Depending on location you can expect to make between $26,000-$33,00. Local drugstores that are family owned or small business don’t pay quite as much, sometimes the lowest amount, near the $22,000′s, but can be a great place to start and gain some experience once you have gotten your certificate or completed training. Below is a list of states and their average pay for a pharmacy tech Job. Search For your State.


Pharmacy Technician Average Salary
Kentucky $24,700
West Virginia$25,650
New York$36,350
North Dokota$34,950
South Dakota$31,500
New Mexico$26,250
South Carolina$28,500
North Carolina$29,750
Rhode Island$32,450
New Jersey$33,450
New Hampshire$31,100

Live in California, New York, Colorado or Hawaii? Check out our detailed breakdown on how to become a pharmacy technician in California, New York, Colorado and Hawaii as well as extra salary data, contact information for each states board of pharmacy. California / New York / Hawaii / Colorado / Texas / Florida


About Pharmacy Technician

What is a pharmacy technician? Here we can go over the general idea of what a pharmacy tech does from day to day and also a little information about job prospects.

A pharmacy technicians job includes compounding and filling medical prescriptions, receiving and storing incoming supplies, verifying stock and entering data to maintain inventory records. The technician assists the pharmacist with day to day activities. During the day a licensed pharmacist will check all the work that you do, as required by law, and will correct you on any mistakes made. Below is a more simplified look as to what a pharmacy technician may do during a shift at work:


  • Gather information from customers or health professionals needed to fill a prescription
  • Label and package prescriptions
  • Answer phone calls form customers
  • Process insurance claims and accept payments
  • Compound (Mix) medications

Job Prospects of a pharmacy tech are very encouraging. The job outlook (job growth) is around 32%, much higher than the average (14%). This is a great indicator of two things. One, that if becoming a pharmacy technician is what you want to do, you can be assured that there will be plenty of job openings. Two, this outlook is a great indication that there will be many opportunity’s to advance in the industry. Looking at the growth is safe to assume that not only will you raise your annual salary by working longer in the profession but that the average salary will increase from year to year.

Become a Pharm Tech

How to become a pharmacy technician? Well we can cover that here. Becoming a pharmacy tech is actually not as difficult as some may think. For starters, the main requirement that is needed in all state’s is a high school diploma or equivalent. (GED, etc…) Other requirements vary state by state such as going through a training program, completing a exam or taking a course. Most pharmacy technicians gain their training through on-the-job training. Wondering what it takes to become a pharmacy tech in your state? Check out our state by state breakdown and find your state’s requirements. State-By-State.

Pharmacy Technician Certification

It is important to gather all the information possible before you pursue a career as a pharmacy technician. With each state having different requirements you need to make sure your state doesn’t require anything more than what we go over here. It is highly recommended to obtain your pharmacy technician certificate (PTC). This certificate can be obtained by taking the Pharmacy Technician Certification Exam(PTCE). The PTCE is offered at Pharmacy Technician Certification Board (PTCB). At this site you should search around and look into the study guides and even a pretest that you can take. It is important to study and get all the information you can so that you can pass the exam. Some of the amazing benefits of have a pharmacy technician certificate are having respected credential, validating your achievement and knowledge and also a better chance for a higher starting salary. Taking the PTCE with the Pharmacy Technician Certification Board is currently $129 and once you sign up you must schedule a time and place to take your exam. After you pass the initial application process you can schedule a time to take the exam up to 90 days after your approved. If you decide you wont be able to do it in the time allowed, withdraw your application and if you do so within the 90 days, you are refunded the $129. After your test completion and receiving your Pharmacy Technician Certificate it is required to re-certify every two years. On top of retaking the test to re-certify it is also required to complete 20 hours continued education that needs to be completed during the two year certification period.


Once you complete your exam, pass the test, and receive your official Pharmacy Technician Certificate you are ready to hunt for a job. Some states require you to go to your state’s Board of Pharmacy (find your state’s information here) and register. There they will tell you if you need to meet any other requirements.